Pull Up Professors

Pull up professors is a website which is devoted to different types of pull up exercises using different types of pull up bars. On their website a Pullup Professor’s recommendation is that people should perhaps buy one of the different types of pull up bars which have been specifically designed for use in the home. This way the pull up bar is convenient for use at any time day or night when you are ready instead of having to hassle yourself travelling to a gym.

There are three main types of pull up bars which have been designed for use in the home and all of them are suitable for anyone to use, once they have been installed correctly, where installation is necessary. Perhaps the most popular of these pull up bars is the doorway pull up bar which sits conveniently above any door, ready for use. The wall mount pull up bars are also popular but they are a little more conspicuous than the above door type. The free standing pull up bars are excellent but of course you have to have somewhere to stow it when it is not in use and then set it up each time you want to use it.

Although pull ups may not be as popular or as well-known as sit ups, they are just as beneficial to the upper body as sit ups are to the lower body. Both of these exercises are popular but perhaps for the wrong reasons. They are popular due to their ease to be able to do with relatively no fancy equipment, not expensive equipment at least however, these two exercises should be popular due to their benefits. Both of these exercises are known as compound exercises which mean that they target multiple muscle groups compared to most other exercises which only target one specific muscle group.

With pull ups targeting many of the muscle groups in the upper body and sit ups targeting many of the muscle groups in the lower body, unless you are exercising for a specific reason in order to get a certain muscle group strengthened, these two exercises should be enough on their own. Of course many people exercise in order to try and lose weight but pull ups do not directly help with that although they can indirectly help with that as they can any other goal. As pull ups increase the heart rate, they allow for other exercises to be performed more easily and so many people, regardless of what their exercise goals may be, will include pull ups in their regular exercise routine.

Several different exercises can be performed on a pull up bar, depending on where and how the hands are placed on the bar and each different grip can specifically target a certain muscle group in particular as well as targeting them all generally as well. One of the more popular grips is the reverse grip which, to some people, is known as chin ups.