Crimes Associated With Alcohol And Drug Addiction

Substance related addictions such as drug addiction may lead to criminal conduct. People usually get involved with murder, rape, robbery, burglary, theft, motor vehicle offenses, by the excessive use of offensive drugs. It’s now established by scholarly researches that there is a close link between drug or alcohol addiction and crime. Young people suffer from the highest risk of using alcohol and drugs and committing crime. It’s very important for a young person to avoid alcohol or drug related crimes and other risks because he has his whole life left yet. However, anyone can engage in drug related offenses anytime so there are some legal actions defined in every country on this issue. Drug addiction is marked as a dangerous catalyst for crime in those countries. A special branch of the law and justice department of any country is usually known as the narcotic branch and they deal with cases associated with drug addictions very carefully.


There are usually three types of crimes or offenses that can be associated with drug or alcohol addiction. They are – alcohol and drug-defined, alcohol and drug-related, and alcohol and drug-using lifestyle. Let’s get to know about them a little.

  • Alcohol and drug-defined crimes are actually the very basic ones as directed by the constitutions. Anyone carrying illegal drugs, using, manufacturing, or distributing drugs fall under this category. Anybody is sued by the law agencies if he/she provides alcohol or illegal drugs to the people having 21 years of age or less. It’s a serious offense by the law as any country values their young generation much in this regard. Any type of cultivation, production and sales of some definite illegal and lethal drugs are also prohibited by the law.
  • Crimes associated with alcohol and drug-related issues are actually divided into two categories. One is breaking the laws by being under the effect of an illegal drug or alcohol and the other is being engaged in such criminal activities to collect money for the addiction. This type of crimes is so common and dangerous that governments conduct some campaigns against these to grow awareness among people. The reason for which it’s considered to be very dangerous is that an addicted person can do anything to collect money for the drug he is used to. This includes murder, theft, etc.
  • The alcohol and drug-using lifestyle is actually somewhat different than the other two. If someone lives with and builds relationship with some other drug addicts, then he/she is most likely to absorb their criminal behavior and become engaged in such activities that are quite against the law. These crimes are mostly associated with the people who have no job or no other sources of income or even homeless. Criminal agencies try to either rehabilitate them or separate them from such dangerous community.

Crimes associated with drug addiction or any other addictions are found to be critical in a way that the criminals cannot be taken out of such acts easily as statistics show. They should be handled with special care such as long term recovery procedures. If you visit the website Los Angeles addiction recovery center, information will show you the centers working on this issue effectively ever since.