Why Pull Ups Are the King of Home Workout Exercises

Pull ups, second only in simplistic dominance to the humble push up. Together the pull up and the pull up form a ying and yang, a push and a pull synergy that has been sculpting rock hard street physiques for years.

In case you aren’t doing pull ups regularly (you really should), we will cover some of the main reason why pull ups are the king of home workout exercises.

  1. They are cheap and can be done anywhere. Seriously, you do need a bar of some sort, so check out a dedicated pull up bar review site and compare the best pull up bars for your budget. Get one. Install it and prep a routine.
  2. Craft a plan that is well rounded, balanced, including upper body, lower body, push and pull exercises. Include the pull up at least twice a week for pull days and back days.
  3. Stick to your plan! The number one reason people fail at their fitness goals is not that building muscle is hard, it’s because their brains are weak. Master discipline and everything else in life becomes easy!

There you go, three simple steps to help you realize how essential pull ups are for a well developed upper body structure.

It’s also perfect for beginners who are just starting their fitness, strength or bodybuilding careers. When you start out your upper body is weak, so doing heavy deadlifts and using complex Hammer Strength machines is completely not needed.

When starting the lower half of the body is small and under developed, this means you won’t have much weight to pull up in the first place, meaning it’s perfect to get your underdeveloped upper body working.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that pull ups are probably some of the safest exercises a starter can do. With most free weights, without proper form and spotting training, it can be dangerous or even fatal, especially when heavy ego lifting is involved.

With things like push ups and pull ups however, if you fail you simply drop to the ground, rest, and start again. There is almost zero danger in these types of home workouts.

In case you’re just starting out and your not sure how you can mix in pull ups with other types of exercises for your home workout we’ve provided a sweet little video below to help give you some ideas:

Don’t be fooled. This workout is only 10 minutes but it’s super intense and you may have to work up to it if you are just a novice lifter right now.

Still, it’s always worth challenging yourself and pushing your body to go beyond it’s limits when lifting weights, especially when working out in the beginning when the body can adapt quickly, and especially when working out at home where the danger level is really low so you can safely push your limits with high repetition body weight exercises.

If you need more ideas for your home workouts just hit up Youtube and type in the muscle group you want to target. We recommend planning out a few weeks, or even a month ahead of time what you plan to do each day. This will keep you on track and also keep you motivated.

Now what are you waiting for? Quit sitting at your computer reading blogs and go start working your way to achieving your fitness goals! You can do it!