How to become a CNA

CNA or Certified nursing assistants provide extra and supplementary services in the medical field to the nursing staff. These are those trained professionals who have been trained to help the ill patients who can’t do certain things on their own like using the bathroom, bathing, eating and dressing. Not only this, the assistants are given medical training so that they can handle the medical equipment to take patient’s vitals. Thus, the services of the nursing assistants can be employed whenever there is a need to have a helping hand for an extremely old or ill patient at every possible hour. Generally, the nursing assistants are found working independently or at senior homes and hospitals.

Cna professionals are ‘trained’ and thus it can’t be said that anyone can become a nursing assistant. To become a nursing assistant, you need to do the following:

1. Find a nursing program: Before enrolling into one, you have to find certain types of high schools or institutions, vocational colleges or tech colleges which would give such nursing training. Some of the hospitals and senior home facilities have training programs too where one can work and get the required training. It would not be surprising to know that sometimes, the training is provided free of cost as a social service. You can read the review of free cna classes and then finally get yourself enrolled into it.

2. Get enrolled: The law of states requires all the assistants to go through a background check in which, training as a nursing assistant is very important. The experts including a few doctors and highly experienced nursing assistants will be there to give advice in order to make it easy through the training. The assistants are taught from basic equipment knowledge to patient handling techniques to encourage them.

Also, the background check must be absolutely clear, with no criminal cases or background. Criminal indulgence can lead to disbarring. Depending on the state that you are in, you will have to pass a few preliminary tests and screenings to get your final certification. You need to give a certain tests before finally accepting a position in any medical centres.

3. Complete the program: After getting enrolled, you do need to finish the course. Most of the courses do not last more than a few months. Even though the official hours have been set to 75, more hours are added to the course to include extra activities and edge training, which might be useful after graduation.

4. Start preparing for certification exam: This is like the final step of completing your program and testing yourself out. You would need to prepare yourself for a small test that would contain 60-70 multiple choice questions related to the medical field. You will need the hands on experience and skills to finally get through the exam. You need to take care of the warnings and safety precautions as this is what most examiners evaluate you on.

5. Take the exam: Now you need to take the exam that you have prepared for and then you will receive your certification. You are not going to get your certification until you pass the exam.

6. Finally, you need to apply for the license to start working as a nursing assistant.